Columbo Invisible Reweaving 

Specializing in Expert Fine Clothing Repairs



How much does reweaving cost?

Every garment has it's own repair resolution. Therefore, a visual assessment must be made to price accurately.


Will the repair hold up to dry cleaning or laundering?

Yes, the repair will last the lifetime of the garment. We guarantee it!


How will the Invisible Reweaving look?

It depends on the weave, fiber content, color and where the damage is located. Results will be discussed prior to any work being done.


How do I get my Garment to You?

You can schedule an appointment 617-720-2112

or ship using the



Shipping Instructions

Once assessed you will be contacted by phone with an exact price and anticipated results.


No work will commence until we receive your approval to proceed.


Please note: Only holes that are marked will be reweaved.